Cash Back At Closing Guarantee

There are a lot of so-called “Guarantees”
out there that have a lot of stipulations
and fine print that make them fairly worthless.

Let’s Keep It Simple!

  • You and I agree on a selling price for your home.
  • We sign the listing agreement.
  • I list your home on the MLS and advertise it for sale through all major Real Estate websites and social media channels.
  • If we do not have a signed, executed contract within 49 days of the listing date, you receive 1% of the sale price back at closing once the house sells through my listing.

Here Are Some Examples:

Cash Back at Closing for Sellers Guarantee - Walter Johnson Ocala Florida Realtor

There are a number of gimmick style “Guarantees” out there, but this one is simple. If your house takes too long to sell, you get paid for having to wait. The “Your Home Sold or I’ll Buy It” type programs have so much fine print that they are often not what they seem. I sat in one seminar where a guy explained this type of guarantee as the best because “You pretty much never have to fulfill it”. I have seen many homes in the Ocala area with these signs out front which sit on the market for months and months! The fine print for my offer is very minimal. The guarantee is available for homes that list at a minimum price of $150,000, and the 49 days is calculated from the list date to when you accept an offer on your house through a signed contract. Simple! Let’s Get Your House SOLD!

Your Home SOLD in 49 Days or You Get CASH BACK!
What Price Will My Home SELL For?

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